1. Pizzagate


Spirit Cooking.  Podesta emails with coded messages.  Proof of Clinton’s right-hand man having an attraction to unsavory artwork that depicts teenage & pre-teen subjects in provocative positions is revealed.  A pizza parlor known as Comet Ping Pong Pizzeria arrives at the forefront of the conspiracy; its owner, James Alefantis, is mentioned in the Podesta emails & has connections to the political spectrum of Hillary Clinton & President Obama.  Images from his Instagram, depicting obscure & borderline pedophilia… including personal photographs of his children acting out strange scenarios – this can be found in Pizzagate archives across the web – You can check out more about this theory on Youtube or Reddit.  This conspiracy theory brought upon the emergence of the term “Fake News“.

2. Max Spiers


Black magic.  A traveler of the world & well-known conspiracy theorist (proclaimed to be part of a superhuman breeding program & that 2 million Americans were sleeper cells for MK ULTRA).  He claimed to have information regarding cult activity by the US ARMY at its Presidio base located in Northern California that occurred over 30 years ago.  A lecture on UFO’S & Conspiracy Theories guided him to Poland where he encountered a substance of some sort.  His autopsy has concluded he died of “natural causes”.  Prior to his demise, he texted his mother “If anything happens to me, investigate.”  Friends witnessed him vomiting a slimy black liquid before he went to an apartment & died.  The Temple of Set is the name of the cult associated with his investigation.

3. Gucci Mane Clone


Go to jail. Get out of jail. In that time period… your speech pattern changes, your body image changes & you drastically turn your life around.  Must be a clone… right?  This conspiracy theory derives from a false tweet perceived to be from the rapper Lil Boosie.  Not much more to go on.  If you’re a fan of the old Gucci, maybe your suspicion rises from that?


4. Russian Interference with the election


Russian hackers infiltrating our political freedom.  A united pact between President Putin & Trump?  Wikileaks compromised by Russian intelligence?  These rumors surfaced during the election cycle & have carried into the current realm of the Presidency.  Here’s a sample from an article written by

On Wednesday, Congressmen Elijah Cummings (D-MD) and Eric Swalwell (D-CA) introduced a bill to create an independent commission to investigate Russian government involvement in the digital attacks that shook the presidential election this year.”

Today this headline from the Washington Post proved that the theory may hold weight if you’re into believing the CIA and stuff.

Secret CIA assessment says Russia was trying to help Trump win White House

5. Assange is dead



Exactly as the headline reads.  Julian Assange is dead & Wikileaks is now taken over by the CIA.  Are there underground tunnels connected to the Embassy?   Did the CIA pull another “Operation Gold”?

OCTOBER 21ST 2016: Armed forces have been spotted at the Embassy, was this a distraction for an exit plan?

This rumor circulated due to the lack of exposure of Assange when his internet connection was cut by the Government of Ecuador.  The Government wanted no association with news that could sway the election in the United States.

He has released a statement 12/7/2016 — regarding the rape accusations brought against him by the Swedish Government.

This is an official PROJECT ASTRAL article.

– Alexander Kurt



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