Fernando Pessoa


Fernando Pessoa


Born Fernando António Nogueira Pessoa
June 13, 1888
Lisbon, Portugal
Died November 30, 1935 (aged 47)
Lisbon, Portugal

Fernando Pessoa was a famed Portuguese poet known for his Heteronyms & obscure approach to poetry.  He popularized his heteronyms throughout his career by engaging different mindsets & often contradicting statements of his other heteronyms.   His writings whisper into the depths of time…

I look at my past life as at a field lit up by the sun when it breaks through the clouds, and I note with metaphysical astonishment how my most deliberate acts,my clearest ideas, and my most logical intentions were after all no more than congenital drunkenness, inherent madness and huge ignorance. I didn’t even act anything out. I was the role that got acted.” At most, I was the actor’s motions.

Early in his life he became involved with the occult and befriended Aleister Crowley, founder of Thelema.  This would lead him on a mystical quest that not only influenced his poetry but also left him with lingering thoughts regarding the afterlife.  He was fluent in the technique of automatic writing & often used séances as well On predicting his death…

Pessoa’s last writing: 29-11-1935

I know not what tomorrow will bring.”.

Fernando Pessoa is our TIME MACHINE POET of the week.

This is an official PROJECT ASTRAL article.

– Press Graye

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