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Kurt Sova/Eugene Kvet (F.O.I.A & Missing 411) Update 2

Project Astral submitted a Freedom of Information Act on the unsolved murder case of Eugene Kvet.  We received this letter in response to our request.  This brings a new horizon onto our Kurt Sova investigation 

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The FBI have no files on the case of Eugene Kvet.

The Newburgh Heights Police Department will not respond to my inquiries on Eugene Kvet or Kurt Sova.

Both Eugene & Kurt went missing towards the end of the month.. their bodies were found near the beginning of the following month.




October 23rd, 1971 – Rain

October 24th – Clear

October 25th – Clear

October 26th – Fog was dense

October 27th – Fog was dense

DATE OF BODY FOUND: October, 28th, 1981.

This was a NEW MOON phase. The weather was clear and had a temp of 54 degrees. 

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His body was found on the 1st of February, 1982.  We believe he went missing around the 27th/28th of January because he was buried on the 5th of February, 1982.  This would be the same amount of days Kurt was also missing.

Wednesday, January 27, – Fog

Thursday, January 28, – Snow

Friday, January 29, – Clear

Saturday, January 30 – Fog/Rain

Sunday, January 31 – Fog/Rain/Snow

DATE OF BODY FOUND: Monday, February 1, 1982

This was a WAXING CRESCENT moon phase. 51% Illuminated. The weather was clear and had a temp of 20 degrees.


They both had vanished for 4-5 days before their bodies were found in the same area that they were reported missing from.

  • Both had missing right shoes.
  • Kurt & Eugene were around the same age.
  • We have from a source that Eugene Kvet was wearing a bright colored clothing (white).  Kurt Sova was wearing a yellow shirt when he went missing.
  • Inclement weather patterns surrounding both cases during the period of time that they disappeared during.
  • The bodies of Eugene & Kurt both had minimum damage, including bruises & a few scratches.



Here are similarities to disappearances first brought-to-light by investigator David Paulides in his series Missing 411.  Paulides has assembled case-loads of work dealing with missing persons in the national park system and within densely wooded areas.  All persons who went missing were found with their shoes displaced, bright colored shirts and bore no bruising or scratches.

Rain and bad weather always took place during these vanishings, and the person often went missing for days before they were found—often in the same location, they went missing or within 2.5 miles of the initial disappearance. Either dead or alive.

A recent article on presented a case of vanishings. A man by the name of Alan Lamers claims that in the jungles of Indonesia, locals warn of abductions that take place if they wore certain tints including YELLOW and other bright colors.  Some are returned, but with no memory of the events.

The Kurt Sova case resembles all qualities of the missing-persons mentioned by Paulides.

  • Kurt was wearing a yellow shirt when he disappeared. (bright color clothing)
  • Both shoes were missing, his feet were not bruised or showed signs of walking without shoes.
  • Rain/fog (inclement weather) took place on the day he disappeared and the following days (washing away any evidence and hindering the search)
  • The ravine was searched several times, but his body was found in the ravine after the search had stopped (similar to the details presented below)
  • Kurt’s body was found within miles of where he disappeared.

You can check out our other theories located on here.


This is an official PROJECT ASTRAL investigation.

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We appreciate any support for our Investigations.  We will continue to research into the truth.

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