Deer in The Headlights (Precognitive Dreams)

A sense of belonging, minding your business as usual. What could come from this?  Thoughts arise on the way home.  Then – CRASH.  A deer hits your hood, staring into your eyes, then limping off into the nearby woods. This is unusual, right?  Just another causality of the highway, but what if you dreamed a scenario similar to this? And what if that dream came the night before the crash?  A form of Precognitive Dreaming.

(Precognitive Dreaming is a dream that appears to foreshadow future events through the sixth sense).

I recently sent out random messages to Facebook followers of Project Astral

Have you had a dream about something, and then it happened?  Either exactly like a dream showed, or similar in fashion with the details changed?”

Everyone I’ve asked the question to claimed that they have, but can’t recall the exact details.  Here’s my most recent encounter.


A few days before the 24th I started research & exploration into Séances & how to conduct them.  This seemed to open a tunnel of ESP.  That night I attempted Astral Projection but instead fell asleep, losing the grip on my REM. My dreams started off as anxiety, pushing itself outward over the cliffhanger persona it had adapted throughout my history.  I envisioned my car on the interstate, the tire on the driver’s side BLOWS OUT. The dream is over.

The 24th arrives.  I enter my glass house & accelerate onto the highway. Along the way to my destination, I pass the interstate; I’m on a road that’s separated by a fence & on the other side occupies the interstate.  While taking a sharp curve at around 15 MPH – a deer runs into the left side of the car, maintains it’s path & limps away.  I suffered no physical damage to myself, but the left headlight did crack during the impact.  Was this a form of Precognitive Dreaming?


The blown tire is not only a concept of the story, but it’s also a warning to my senses.  Did the foreshadow of the blown tire save me from further damage that the deer inflicted?   The interstate was a location in both interactions.

  • In my dream, I was traveling on the actual interstate.
  • In real-life, I was driving on the road nearby the interstate.
  • The tire in my dream explodes on the driver’s side.
  • The deer smashes into my car in real-life on the driver’s side of the hood.

Carl Jung would not relay his interpretations to his patients.  Instead, he would hand them the power to decipher their own images of sleep. Synchronicity plays into the hand of cards on this realization, in part because what are we without instances of fate?  Did a glitch make its way into my subconscious?  Myself without being myself.  That’s my interpretation of this scenario.

This is an official PROJECT ASTRAL article.

– Press Graye