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Eyes Wide Shut – Pizza Gate – Child Trafficking

Pizzagate finally made the national headlines for something other than being a conspiracy.  A man from North Carolina entered the Comet Ping Pong Pizzeria with a rifle & Twittergate is now trending with the revelations that child traffickers & pedophiles are free to converse on social media platforms such as Twitter.

Child trafficking is not only a problem that the United States endures.  Russia is home to one of the most notorious prostitution & child trafficking rings in the country.  Mostly based out of Moscow & St. Petersburg; Russia has cracked down on operations as of the last few years but has that stopped the natural origin of the crime?

Occurrences of child trafficking can be seen in mainstream entertainment such as Eyes Wide Shut (when Tom Cruise enters the Rainbow Tux Rental).



As seen above, Milich (store owner) confronts his daughter & the two cross-dressers.  He tells the men that the police will be on their way to handle the matter.  Milich seems to be upset at not only the situation but the mess they’ve made eating pizza & takeout with his underage daughter.


In this scenario, you can notice the cross-dressers are now wearing suits & Milich seems at ease with the situation.  He states that an “Arraignment” has been made & offers a similar deal to Tom Cruise’s character (Bill).

With interest in Pizza-Gate rising to new heights of the conspiracy spectrum, will messages finally reveal themselves or will over-analyzation of the coded messages in Podesta’s emails take our attention away from the networks of criminal activity that takes place all around the world?

Lured by fake promises in fashion magazines, some schoolgirls rate prostitution high on the list of modern “professions” to pursue.  They believe that prostitution and contact with rich businessmen will provide them with the kind of lifestyle that they could never expect otherwise.” –

What are the implications of Russian child trafficking sites that effortlessly stay in the clear net?  We will not post direct links to any information on this subject, but the model agencies that appear connected to Russia & Ukraine runs deep into channels of the unknown.  Men attached to the organizations that operate these “Fashion Magazines” often post ads — projecting themselves as the child, alluring to the tourists but also to the local travelers of the sex trade.  Hashtags are used as a coded system to relay posts/videos/pictures to other members.  We found evidence of a religious blog site called “Gospel John” that linked back to the Russian Studios.

Example of ad claiming to be a girl from Canada


This includes code names or sites designed to operate as “Fashion Studios” as stated in the quote above.  Fashion outlets similar to these are also connected to recent accounts of Russian parents selling their kids into the industry of sex.  Also linked to these sites below are icons of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ accounts that allow you to share the material on the platforms.  The sites are powered by

Even if Pizza-Gate is “blown out of proportion” as the Mainstream Media indicates; they should still shine the light on known facts & connections of child trafficking.  Abuse of young males at the hands of Jimmy Savile, Boys Town, Penn State, the Catholic Church & others detail how organized these individuals are.  Where are the lost girls of child trafficking?

List of Russian sites posing as Fashion Studios.



I suppose this shot from Eyes Wide Shut explains it all.  On the way to the party at the Mentmore Towers, Tom Cruise’s character (Bill) anxiously waits while the taxi drives.  Until this point… Christmas was the central theme & imagery of the movie. This now symbolizes the removal of Christ thus the (Happy Holiday) banner on the outskirts of town. 

You are now leaving the world as you know it… no longer with Eyes Wide Shut.

This is an official PROJECT ASTRAL article.

– Alexander Kurt

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1 Comment on Eyes Wide Shut – Pizza Gate – Child Trafficking

  1. You do know you are playing with fire, right? Have you ever seen those studio creepy portfolio? It is clear that some girls are under the influence of drugs or being forced to pose. Be careful, because there are some powerful people profiting from those “Studios”

    You are missing several, including TTL Models, and more. I encourage you to keep working but take security measures. Have a dead man switch just in case


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