Robert Johnson


Robert Johnson


Born May 8, 1911
Hazlehurst, Mississippi
Died August 16, 1938 (aged 27)
Greenwood, Mississippi

 Faustian bred.  Robert Johnson was the voice of the blues, a musician that defined not only an era for music but also an era for mysticism. Robert lived an obscure life, he frequented juke joints & hoboed across Mississippi for short stints.  An aura that has followed him throughout death is the 29 songs he recorded & the legend that he sold his soul to the devil for the blues at a nearby crossroads in Mississippi.  Where are the true crossroads?  And does the story hold any merit?


Listening to the mystic texture of his vocals mixed with the pickings of his soul restless guitar, Robert Johnson is our TIME MACHINE POET of the week.  At the age of 27, Robert Johnson passed away under circumstances that were deemed suspicious, but the official cause of death is unknown.  Rumor has it he was poisoned by a jealous husband since Johnson was a known player & frequent drinker or maybe we was shot because of an unpaid debt?  No one knows but the Devil & Robert Johnson.

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