This is Time Machine Poetry created for one of my films.  It was recited by Hussein Fatal from 2Pac’s rap group known as The Outlawz.  He was a natural actor & we became close even though this was the only project we collaborated on.  He also released a song based on the film… the concept […]

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5 Places for Astral Projection

5 Places for Astral Projection Get away from that irksome life for a while.  Try these 5 PLACES FOR ASTRAL TRAVEL DON’T LET TECHNOLOGY KEEP YOU FROM MEDITATION… READ ABOUT THE PHANTOM PLAN Also check out 6 WAYS TO IMPROVE YOUR ASTRAL TRAVELS BED You spend a good amount of your time sleeping.  Although not […]

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10 Rare Songs of The Doors

These are 10 rare songs from The Doors. Whiskey, Mystics & Men Strange Days Hyacinth House Demo I Will Never Be Untrue Someday Soon (Live) Push Push Me and The Devil Old Stone Road Black Train Song Fever This is an official PROJECT ASTRAL article. – Color Pessoa   @ amazon.com

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“DENIAL OF THE TREATY” 1. The world is made up of two forces orders: the forces that claim and the forces that deny. 2. The forces that claim are the creative forces in the world, issued successively the single, center Affirmation. 3. The forces that deny emanate from beyond the single. 4. The One, whom […]


Spirit Cookbook of Politics

Project Astral was the first to report the occult link to BOOK OF THE LAW/CAKE OF THE LIGHT via Reddit at 3 A.M.  We have more information regarding the overall practice of this ritual & how it connects to our Government. CAKE OF THE LIGHT    1.5 cups flour 6 tablespoons. extra virgin olive oil […]

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TIME MACHINE POET OF THE WEEK J DILLA Born February 7, 1974 Detroit, Michigan Died February 10, 2006 (aged  32) Los Angeles, California J Dilla was a record producer & rapper who worked with the likes of A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Busta Rhymes, Erykah Badu, The Roots, The Pharcyde, Mos Def & […]

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