10 Films of Making a Deal with the Devil


Interested in making a deal with the devil?  These 10 films will remind you, no deal with evil goes as it should…

Selling their souls, making deals with the devil, & giving it all for greed.

Phantom of the Paradise

A mutated composure sells his soul to the devil to get the girl of his dreams.  A crooked record executive steals his music & opens up The Paradise.


Cross Roads

A boy finds a blues legend living in a nursing home.  They travel to Mississippi to find a MAN & the mystical place known as Cross Roads.  Based partly on the legend of a famous Blues Musician.


 The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus

A traveling sideshow presents its customers with a look inside the mind of Dr Parnassus.  The Devil is collecting on his debts.


Rosemary’s Baby

An aspiring actor makes a deal with the Devil.  Whose baby is Rosemary having?


The Seventh Seal

A Man encounters Death.  They play chess.  Who wins?


The Shining

A Writer house-sits the overlook hotel with his family.  Sounds easy enough?


Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey

Clones are sent back to eliminate their original time traveling counterparts.  Somewhere along the way they meet Death.


The Devil and Maxim Devlin

Max dies & goes to hell.  He makes a deal for life… in exchange for three innocent souls.


Wall Street

Bud Fox sells his soul for greed.  Money & a twist of schemes take place only on Wall Street.


Invocation of My Demon Brother

Experimental short film.  Clips of Rolling Stones concerts & Mick Jagger performing the score.


This is an official PROJECT ASTRAL article.

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