If Pigs Could Fly (Fidel Castro)


You’ve probably heard.  Fidel Castro has passed away at the age of 90.  He belongs to a group of revolutionary leaders that rose to prominence during the 20 century — a group that has dwindled at a steady pace over the last ten years:

Saddam Hussein (Iraq) in 2006.


Muammar Gaddafi (Libya) in October 2011.


Hugo Chavez (Venezuela) in 2013. 


The surprising connection to Chavez & the recently deceased Castro goes further than revolution.  In 2011, Chavez was diagnosed with an aggressive form of tumor.  He sought treatment in Havana, the Cuban doctors removed the tumor but this only slowed down the process.  Both men have been subjected to CIA investigations & assassination attempts (only attempts on Castro are acknowledged). 


17 April 1961

The Bay of Pigs Invasion is the best known of the 600+ attempts:  A failed invasion of the CIA to infiltrate & overthrow Fidel Castro’s regime.  The Presidental coup was led by Castro’s rival Fulgencio Batista (he became exiled to Miami afterward).  The CIA took a major blow & achieved adverse effects… strengthening the profile of Castro, allowing him to reap the rewards of stable leadership.

Claims of a CIA-led assassination on Hugo Chavez came to the mainstream soon after his death.  The relationship between Chavez & Castro was also highlighted, did the CIA get to Chavez because they couldn’t get Castro?  Although his power over Cuba drifted from a communist state to an approach of openness in the last few years… especially since the Embargo on Cuba was lifted in October of 2015 & with his brother, Raul taking over in 2008.

Here’s a list of the ten ways the CIA tried to kill Castro

And we shouldn’t forget Operation Northwoods.  A false flag operation that would’ve targeted Miami (the blame on Cuba) — resulting in the deaths of Americans & could’ve resulted in the issue of Martial Law.  They tried… And if pigs could fly, maybe they would’ve prevailed.


This is an official PROJECT ASTRAL article.

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