Night Stalkers (Black Helicopters)


The humming of blades.  Vibrations from above.  What’s taking place in our largest cities?  Accounts of helicopters over the Georgia landscape.  Sightings near Fort Gordon & Metro Atlanta have been accounted for as of right now.

Hunter Army Airfield

Located in Hinesville, Georgia (Near Savannah).  The Airfield is one of the homes to THE NIGHT STALKERS.  A special operations force that strictly operates at night.  Training drills are often conducted hundreds of miles away from the base to provide tactics aimed at crowd control in the result of a disaster, uprise (riots) or else.  Known for their low altitude flights & quick response time…  With the recent riots & protest in major cities, could the drills be activated into real life?

As of January 2014, a MH-60M Black Hawk of the 160th performed a hard landing at Hunter Army Airfield in Georgia.  One soldier, CPT Clayton Carpenter of NY, was killed with another two injured


Something weird is going on in Atlanta.

 At 2:30 AM a REDDIT user TrustMe_ImJesus posted an account describing helicopters near his workplace.  A video was soon uploaded by TylerBalius.  Project Astral is posting on the subject since we are located near the Atlanta area & have witnessed the same activity.

You can view/listen to the Reddit video here

Our Account

November 16th.  I encountered a black helicopter while driving on the way home (2 hours away from Atlanta).  It followed me for a few minutes at a height of around 75ft.  It did not reveal itself from the rear view of the car, instead, it flew approximately above my car before turning around. (This was in broad daylight).

This is an official PROJECT ASTRAL article.

Color Pessoa

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