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6 Tips to Improve Astral Projection




How can meditation improve your chances of Astral Projection?  This depends on your understanding of projection & how to apply it to benefit your atmosphere. This could also include prayer or religious practices pertaining to a higher being.  Meditation allows you to cleanse emotions while stabilizing the inner-thoughts of yourself.  Learn how to Astral Project through techniques that adapt to your environment.



Free flow writing.  Clear your mind.  Automatic Writing doesn’t have to be the tall tales of mysticism.  Enjoy yourself.  All you need is a writing device & paper.  Allow your hand to apply the words without utilizing a thought process.



 Find a path to nature.  Always take a partner & practice safety precautions… other than that…

Take that pen & notebook with you while you’re hiking.  Find solitude.  Free flow yourself to another place & time.



513 Is my number.  I actually had a dose of this today.  I was ending a very well conversation with a colleague of mine… I ended the call.  The time on the phone stated: 513

513 appears everywhere.  A form of ESP.  You should have a number or word to connect with… synchronicity will come naturally.  PAY ATTENTION TO IT.  Don’t brush it off as a coincidence.



Often spirituality captures the imagination of not only your inner-self but the self that surrounds you.  There exists techniques that many consider controversial or even witchcraft.  The left-handed path & the right-handed path depending on usage.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE.




Have you sparked a conversation lately?   Approachable synchronicity.  Moments are floating amongst us, reach out and take it.  Ever posted a random ad that results in a broader view of society?

 Here’s an example.  I posted an ad seeking an IBM5100 (John Titor reference).   A guy named Clay responded.


What should I buy stock in?  Also what year does Google finally gain absolute dominion over the known world?   Does GRRM finish the books in time?


Google and their recently acquired robotics company will supply warfare opportunities to the world.  Stocks cannot be foreshadowed due to the divergence mentality.  This worldline differs from my own… A 2% difference.  Therefore stocks in this worldline will not be similar to that of my own since stocks are ever changing.  I can supply information that relates to my and yours via massive events that take place in both worlds.  Google is a big enough threat for the divergence to sustain similar results.  I need an IBM 5100 for support of my world where it can be used to decode a virus known as “H59” which renders most technology useless.

“When sovereignty is acquired in a place that is not similar in customs, intelligence, and institutions, it is here that difficulties arise; and it is here that one needs much diligence to hold onto the dominion”


Interesting. Guessing you’re not versed in game of thrones then since you left the last question unanswered.  I have a ThinkPad t60 as the oldest device on hand.  Best I can offer. What specifically about a 5100 makes it untouchable by H59?


I’m familiar with the hype on this world-line about the TV show but have no knowledge of its existence on my world line.  Most books and forms of entertainment have been destroyed either by warfare or the H59.  I’m here on this world line to possibly help with the UNIX 2038 which is similar to the Y2k Bug of 1999/2000.  The IBM 5100 operates APL and BASIC programming languages that can decode the hack/virus of the H59 which is a warfare virus of technology and the 2038 UNIX which will knock out any remaining technology not affected by the H59.  The military of the states and certain Chinese and Russian militants are still online and have access to computer technology not harmed by the virus.  The 2038 UNIX which will knock out any remaining technology not affected by the H59.

The military of the states and certain Chinese and Russian militants are still online and have access to computer technology not harmed by the virus.  The 2038 UNIX will touch all computers and this is very important due to the war being fought by robotics and drones.  I’m not a computer expert, not am I a savior.  I’m simply a soldier sent back to receive the IBM from 70’s.  I stopped in 2014 to see my 17-year-old self and my family. I finally got to the world-line and found the divergence was strong enough to make the IBM impossible to find or purchase.  Thus I’m stuck in 2014 until I can find a workable IBM.If this article was helpful…


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