Water Séance

Influenced by the Ancestors in Espiritismo (Santeria).  It’s a channeling of working with spirits, your Ancestors of blood, spirit animals, guides & masters.  Spiritual, elevation is the concept for this practice.  Maintaining a stable prayer while assisting in spirits that are trapped or lost in this realm.  This is where the white light, prayer, and communication with the spirits align.

White Light.  An aura surrounds you.  Prayer protects you.  The water moves if energy is around, or channeling might come via vocalization. 

Me: I ask you politely to move the water…

Him: It’s very…

Me: Talk to me.

Him: What do we have to talk about?

Interested in PERFORMING IT?









This is an official PROJECT ASTRAL article.

– Raphael Baldaya



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  1. Very cool. I like all the different perspectives.

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