George Soros brings THE HEAT


Money buys you power.  We all know that.  George Soros knows this.  He’s secured the same advantages/tax cuts that Donald Trump has admitted to enacting, he’s also a supporter of anything & everything tied to the Democratic side of things.  Manipulation is his way of currency transformation.

His Open Society Institute has given over 10 billion dollars to vary of political-plateaus that lean left of the spectrum.  Huffington Post & ACORN, two of the worst of them.  As stated on PROJECT ASTRAL,  Revolution is not needed.  George Soros brings the heat to an already hotheaded subject.

Soros instructs himself in the discipline that never redacts from the plot, the performance of his shadow grazes the wavelengths of these protests. His energy and temptation for power would never be utilized to engage a true revolution.  Some supporters of the Protest lay claim to endless days and nights for their cause, urging their mentality that democracy has just now failed them after Obama is now exiting the White House and Trump is entering. Similar thoughts on Bush after Clinton left the White House.

Discourses On Livy

Whoever Wishes to Reform a Long-Established State in a Free City Should Retain At Least the Appearance of Its Ancient Ways.”

These protests symbolize a positive appearance of the past.  REVOLUTION. It’s shown with pride; consider the “fall” of the Soviet Union.  The Soviet Union never fell.  It changed names and cleaned house.  The protests are a distraction from the change that Soros is conducting, especially with news breaking that the Democracy Alliance Donor Club launched Sunday night and includes the big shots who don’t live normal lives like the majority of us, including the protesters.  They’re just keeping their same names and cleaning house.

This is an official PROJECT ASTRAL article.

– Alexander Kurt



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