Revolution is Dead


Do you know a spoiled kid?  Maybe your own?  The kind that throws a tantrum because they couldn’t get a toy at the store or how about the kid who bullies all the others?  We have two kids in the national attention at the moment.  One is The Protesters who didn’t get the toy they desperately wanted… the other is President-elect Trump who “bullied” his way through the Republican party & bullied his way through the American people.  These are not my thoughts but instead, they’re proclaimed by the mainstream media .  How could a bully become President of the United States?  The same way Obama & Bush became President, both had their “ways” & both exhibited the perfection of the conservative & liberal agendas.  Attacking their opponents, all along preserving their past with future aspirations.  This President-elect isn’t the perfection of a Republican or Democrat.  He showcases a TV-Personality; a throne to the same entertainment world that despises him.

The Protesters, on the other hand, they’re lost… a generation of memes, false information & they favor technological-exploits over the spiritual aspects of life.  College campuses are now filled with safe spaces; a joint venture of counseling techniques, vigils, & safety pins.  The safety pin scenario rose to fame via the Brexit.  It’s worn to show disapproval of the election results while providing a symbol for others to gravitate towards if they feel discriminated against or emotionally unstable due to the circumstances.  This is great, right?  It’s a place to disappear into, especially if you feel bullied because your candidate lost an election based on Democracy, the same Democracy that allows you to vote & protest within the same day.  We are not a nation that is feared.  We are a nation that fears.  We fear harsh words; we fear war; we fear bullies; we fear gender discrimination; we fear racial tensions; we fear Democracy.  That’s the overall concept & it will forever linger.

Screams of “Revolution” have been heard.  We do not need a revolution; at this current time cycle — we need a restoration.  A revolution serves no logical function as of yet.  We need to establish alternative news outlets to display non-bias information; create businesses that uplift the community, maintaining a positive method of small-business over corporate; shift our energy levels to reflect our true intentions. THAT’S THE TRUE REVOLUTION.  A textbook revolution calls for the toppling of a grand scheme.  Is American the grand scheme?  We live on soil laced with blood… I see the blood.  We see the blood.  We crave the blood.  We are the blood.  Flesh & politics… who wears it best?  The politicians, of course.  Who’s second place?  The entertainers who failed us.  The real REVOLUTION will not come from Lady Gaga; true revolutionaries are often assassinated for their cause.  The only casualty I see is of revolution.  Entertainers, Musicians & Artists of 2016 have failed us.


I leave you with a quote from Tupac Shakur & Jim Morrison.

No self-promotion from Pac here.  No political agenda.  He didn’t side with one or the other.  He was trying to change politics from the outside… not from the inside like other leaders… he created an everlasting movement.  What is your movement?  A two-party system?

“Worse than the others — Bill Clinton, Mr. Bob Dole
You’re too old to understand the way the game is told
You’re lame so I gotta hit you with the hot facts”

“You can jail a revolutionary, but you can’t jail a revolution.”

Here’s Jimbo.

“Now listen, listen, listen, listen, listen
Now I don’t wanna talk about no revolution
And I swear to God I don’t want to hear

No talk about no constitution
And in my frame of mind, I am in no mood for
No talk about no cremation
The only thing I’m interested in
I wanna have a good time

I don’t wanna hear no talk about no riots!”

Signing off.  Officials… yes.  Those officials.

This is an official PROJECT ASTRAL essay.

Press Graye



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