THEY WERE WRONG? (Trump Wins Election)


Donald Trump is President-elect.  Pollsters were wrong all along?  Oh, how could this be?  Numbers… interviews… formulas!  I’m neutral in this current cycle of politics, but I love to examine the media-bias located against a possible Trump Presidency.  Part of this article is from a former post entitled POLLiticans.


The undercover voter; They didn’t promote their support for Donald Trump publicly, but they provided energy levels that no POLL WEBSITES CLAIMED.

Huff Post.  You were wrong.

FiveThirtyEight.  You were wrong.

USA Today.  You were wrong.

CNN.  You were wrong.

NBC.  You were wrong.

Mainstream Media.  You were wrong.

97% of Celebrities.  You were wrong.

Maybe you should shut down your operations or stop promoting personal agendas & false statistics.

Here’s a short clip of the tension on NBC.


According to CHUCK TODD @ NBC “THE UNDERESTIMATION OF THE WHITE VOTE” is the reason for the poll deformity.

Chuck Todd looked flustered at times & consistently defended states that Trump had won… calling them “too close to call.”  He basically pulled a Karl Rove circa 2012 moment.

I have a new idea of conducting POLLS.  Use real life interaction.  I give much credit to REDDIT, especially the Conspiracy subreddit for many thoughtful leads & although some theories are over the top, clearly; the establishment must be stopped & Trump laid claim to that intrigue via Twitter rants & Rally cries.  I write to provide information that is based on grassroots research & it seems like journalism might take a nose dive after this election.  Wikileaks providing information that CNN coexisted with Clinton via email along with other journalists… on the other side… mainstream media bashed & showed their true colors regarding an over-the-top personality, who isn’t qualified to be President through traditional channels.

This says a lot more about what people think about HER than it does HIM.


Who conducts polls on the pollsters?”

Should we submit our own questions for the pollsters to answer?

  • What political affiliations surround your company finances?

  • How many of your polls are based on bias conditions due to employee interference?

  • Were your questionnaires formed as emotionally charged dialogue or were questions pressed concerning personal agendas towards a particular candidate?

  • Are Republican & Democratic polling companies only targeting states and persons that conform to their political objectives?

  • What are the conditions of your work environment? Are employees registered to any current campaign? Are they politically involved (outside of the fact of election polling?)

  • Are employees versed in psychological techniques to use during questionnaires?


People have adapted to a media-bias world of information, often coming from the wayside of a political organization or assets that assert personal beliefs upon work delegated to them by the media controlled by that very same political organization.

Are the majority of the United States population influenced by the swaying of poll numbers?  Yes, this has proven true throughout the years.  In the midst of stats & questionnaires, how significant of a role do the subjects of the polling play with the actual election?

The polling companies reached their hand in the cookie jar, receiving crumbs, fallen chips of chocolate… not the whole cookie.  The subjects of questionnaires should also be submitted to psychological testing if we are to gain the real insight of validation surrounding their choices.  Some polls have achieved this level of testing & legitimacy, but it takes time & money; which most companies do not have.


Understanding one’s self can only be achieved through the real sense of meditation.  These candidates endure countless hours of strategic meetings, press conferences, campaign speeches, and the list goes on. Even though both candidates claim a sect of religion, where does true spirituality come into the equation?  Have they already found themselves?

Do they understand there are two types of Anamnesis?

Christianity presents it as a statement which refers to the character of the Passion, Resurrection & Ascension of Christ.

On the psychological side, there’s an Anamnesis — a position of finding yourself without being yourself.

Both candidates realize the regulation of their soul.  A process of individuation as cited in Jungian psychology.  They have reached the alchemical process we would label within the ongoing “Magnum Opus”.  The self is the greatest power in the psyche, it can cause a person to accompany egomaniac, losing touch with one’s world. This ‘self’ is a creation of mystic images, dream sequences, understanding of the Anamnesis & traits of extra & introversion.

Why do I mention this? Although they’re billions of people on this planet… these two are among the very few to conduct such large waves of energy for this current timeline.  There’s a channel for this energy, connected to the ‘self‘ described as above, either to enlarge the Ego or to find one’s self through the journey.  Neither candidate provides a large angle of emotions to examine, the lapse of this generation seems to be stocking the energy for a future movement.

Energy levels of voters do not achieve the same Quest for the Phoenix.  More of that to come.

This is an official PROJECT ASTRAL article.

– Alexander Kurt

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