1. The world is made up of two forces orders: the forces that claim and the forces that deny.

2. The forces that claim are the creative forces in the world, issued successively the single, center Affirmation.

3. The forces that deny emanate from beyond the single.

4. The One, whom God, the Creator God of Things, is only one manifestation, is an illusion. All creation is fiction and illusion. As the matter is an illusion, demonstrably, for Thought; Thought an illusion for Intuition; Intuition an illusion for the Pure Idea; Pure View is an illusion to be. And being is essentially Illusion and Falsehood. God is the Supreme lie.

5. The forces that deny are those departing from beyond the single. Outside the single, to our intelligence, there is nothing. But how do you think that this single does not exist, how can you deny it, it is not the One, the Supreme, the Supreme really (here the terms are missing). Can deny it is to deny it; deny it is and] not to be.

6. The supreme denial is what we call the non-self. The Non-Being is not thinkable, because think non-being is not to think. And yet, as we use the term non-being, it is thinkable, in a way. Since it is thought, it is the Self. So be out as opposed Non-Being. The Non-Being is that precedes it , to speak the human language.

7. The matter, which is the most of denials of Being, is the state that, so close is the Non-Being. Matter is the smallest of Illusions, the weakest of lies. From there his character Evident. THE As the Being will manifest, they will be denied; as it will deny, you are creating the Non-Being. As the Non-Being is prior to being, this denial that Being makes itself-is itself a creation, if it is possible to speak.

8. We must be denial of creators, spirituality deniers matter builders. Matter is the appearance; Appearance is both Being and Non-Being. (If the appearance is not the Being, is the Non-Being. If it is non-being, is not the appearance. To be the appearance, it has therefore to be the Self.)

9. Denial is to assist the Manifested to manifest more until it dissolves in Non-Being.

10. There are two principles in conflict: the principle of Affirmation, Spirituality, Mysticism of which is Christian (for us, at present), and there is Denial, Materiality, Clarity, which is the Pagan Lucifer – the. bearer of Light, is the nominal symbol of the spirit that denies. – The revolt of the angels created Matter, return to the Non-Being, release of Affirmation.

11. There is really all worlds Theosophists say. But they are within the illusion, that while there is the reality. God is indeed for you-own; . but God is wrong Like any of us believes exists, and there is no God, but as part of it, and this is not to exist at all; so, God judges exist and does not exist. The very being is the Non-Being Non-Being only mortal affirmation of life.

This is an official PROJECT ASTRAL essay.

Raphael Baldaya


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