Astral Philippines I (Aswang)

 Philippines President Duterte has been in the news lately, making a splash with his documented style of support for his native people.  This article isn’t about him, though. Recently, I developed the Project Astral page to relay information of the obscure… subjects as such astral projection & sleep paralysis.

The major audience of the information I provide has been young Filipinos.  I’ve conversed with a few of them & found that not only the aspect of astral projection intrigues them… but the overall aspect of qualities that are far from our reach; no matter what country we are from.  These qualities provide us with astral travel and a sense of belonging to the past.

Filipino mysticism has roots within mythical creatures such as the Aswang, a shapeshifter who first appeared in the 16th century (similar to familiar spirits & witchcraft.) They are known to frequent the daylight & prey on corpses.  They do not harm their neighbors & demonstrate the characteristics of an average human.  Although human characteristics hide their true nature, they are vulnerable to holy water, crucifixes, salt… etc.  They’re different portrayals of Aswangs such as a Tik-Tik (an Aswang that attacks pregnant women).


Here’s an article from a blog regarding a story with one.

The one question I’ve received from most Filipinos is this:

Can creatures of folklore enter our astral realm?

Yes.  The lower realm populates itself with these spirits. They exist to drain your energy thus detouring you from astral travel.  They can manifest as Aswangs, Ghosts, Evil spirits & much more… your greatest fears will be found if you show them your true colors. They’re attracted to negative distributions of emotions, depression & traumatic experiences that dwell in the lower realm.

If your encounters are frequent, you must meditate and raise your vibrations to a higher realm.  Attempting to astral project without proper research & energy is the equivalent of trying to ride a bike without prior experience; you’ll keep falling… instead, frustration overtakes.

While astral projecting, you should have a safety-net.  This includes these THREE STEPS.


Set your alarm to envision the amount of time you wish to travel.  The time within the astral realm seems longer than it’s the actual presence.


Envision an object in the room you’re projecting from.  This can be anything from a chair, a piece of jewelry, or a light source you envision to protect yourself. Surround yourself with a light force, projecting an aura.

The third step is to click here.


I want to personally thank all supporters of PROJECT ASTRAL.  The intrigue from the U.S. and beyond has been an amazing experience.  I hope to meet you in my travels in the near future.

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This is an official PROJECT ASTRAL article.

Color Pessoa



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