10 Films for Election Season


The 2016 election is among us.  Here’s a list of election-related films that capture the essence of today’s politics.

Primary Colors

Political agendas shape the inner dimensions of a campaign for the Presidency of the United States.  Aspects of the film share familiarities with Bill Clintons rise to the office


The Great Dictator

A good deed & a case of mistaken identity leads the way for a comedy-driven tour-de-force.


The Distinguished Gentlemen

A con-artist wins an election based on sharing the name of a recent Politician that has passed away.  He finds out the halls of Congress are worse than the streets he hails from.



A dystopia forms after a global war.  The effects are horrifying as “Big Brother” takes over for good.


Moscow Strikes Back (Documentary)

A Soviet war documentary based during 1941- 1942.


Dr. Strangelove

A crazy general orders a nuclear strike.  The President soon realizes the error & tries to recall the planes carrying the nuke.


Absolute Power

A jewel thief witnesses a murder connected to the P.O.T.U.S.


Blow Out

A sound effects guru is minding his own business when he accidentally records a wreck nearby… what follows next is a web of deceit & murder connecting to Government officials.


City Hall

A child is killed during a shooting & the Mayor finds himself with a downfall of luck as everything turns against him.


Horror House on Highway Five

A group of students search for a reclusive Nazi rocket scientist.  Richard Nixon pops up randomly.  This film is an intriguing mess.


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